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Metals cartoon (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the cartoon to find out about the ways in which metals are extracted, the properties of metals, and alloys. There is a quiz at the end.

Electrolysis cartoon (BBC Bitesize)
Watch this interactive cartoon to find out more about ions, electrolysis, how copper is purified and how sodium chloride is split up into useful chemicals.

Making and recycling cars cartoon (BBC Bitesize)
Watch this cartoon to find out about aluminium and steel, rusting, materials used to make a car and how cars are recycled.

Extraction of metals (s-cool)
Follow the links to concise revision notes on the extraction of metals, then have a go at the multiple choice questions and exam style questions.

Electroplating video clip (BBC Bitesize)
Watch this video clip to find out about an application of electrolysis - electroplating.

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