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Weight, mass, work and power (BBC Bitesize)
Read all about weight, mass, work and power. Then do the test!

Kinetic energy, potential energy and work activity (BBC Bitesize)
Watch the animation on energy, work, kinetic and potential energy.

Kinetic and potential energy and theme parks (BBC Bitesize)
Read all about work, kinetic energyand potiential energy and how it applies to theme park rides. Then do the test!

Kinetic and potential energy using interactive animations (PhET)
Run the simulation. Learn about conservation of energy with a skater dude! Explore different tracks and view the kinetic energy, potential energy and friction as he moves. Build your own tracks, ramps and jumps for the skater.

Power Up!
Find out about the science behind electricity generation and some of the issues facing us in the future. Then have a go at the games and quizzes.

Stretchy sweets (Practical Physics)
How to do an experiment to show what happens when you try to stretch sweets.

Over the hill! Carnival game
A game for you to make! A large marble is rolled along a track made from a commonly available and inexpensive metal shelf bracket. The track is gently bent so that there is a flat portion, then a small hill, and finally a steep uphill portion. The objective is to roll the ball so that it goes over the first hill, but does not come back over the hill -- the ball should remain in the dip between the two hills.

The ramp simulation
Pull different objects up the ramp and look at the graphs of power, work and energy.

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