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Set of handouts and activities on a number of Primary topics: Light; Moving & Growing; Variation; Magnets & Springs; Earth, Sun & Moon; States; Materials; Teeth; Healthy Eating; Food Chains; Minibeasts; Life Cycles; Habitats. Well animated student activities that would work very well in interactive white boards. Scroll down for the activity. Requires Flash.

An activity booklet for 5-12 year olds. Through the activities suggested in this pack children are introduced to the world of invertebrates (minibeasts).

Clear information about how living things are adapted to certain habitats and an interactive game to help choose the right environment for fictional creatures. Quiz available

A simple activity spotting living organisms, reading more about them and using them to make 2 different food chains for woodland and pond.

Very catchy and entertaining song and animation from 'They Might Be Giants: Here Comes Science'. Lyrics can found on the internet. Useful for discussion about how scientists find out about prehistoric life and use evidence/ clues, also about adaptations, e.g. how teeth types can help to identify an animal as a herbivore. Great fun that pupils always want to hear again.

Different living things like to live in places that suit their needs, and that includes humans. Find out about the different habitats and the needs of the animals that live there.

A quiz (simultaneously read aloud) relating to the suitability of particular habitats for different animals. Many of the questions are suitable for group or class discussion and debate.

An interactive quiz split into six sections. In each section children are asked questions and receive feedback on their answers. Correct answers are rewarded with part of a picture being revealed. If all six questions are answered correctly, a bonus question appears. Childern can tackle the quiz on their own, in groups or as whole class (to encourage discussion).

Online or printable wordsearch with definitions of the words to be found.

Teachers' domain lesson plan with handouts and links to useful 3 minute 'decomposers' video and flash 'energy flow' animation. Voice overs are American with band music background. Limited use website with only 10 uses.

A series of pages with details of a wide range of different ecosystems. Ideal for research and comparison tasks.

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