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Bang Goes the Theory short video clip showing a fizz pop rocket. Great to watch and stimulate an investigation into factors affecting the rocket. What could affect how high it goes? How fast it pops?Although a lesson plan is provided, it is more geared towards KS3.

Cross-curricular 'Invigorate' activity. Set of mix and match activities and a quiz to explore Newton's ideas. Investigate paper helicopters, magnetic coins, how to make a rainbow, about scientists today.

A cross-curricular 'Invigorate' set of activities, based on weather. Explore why Earth is hotter in summer,make a rain gauge, and a barometer to find out about air pressure and observe clouds.

Concept cartoon to promote ideas and discussion on forces and stimulus for investigation. Includes information and investigation ideas for follow up.Click on the characters to see what they think. Example activity from the MillGate House Education website.

A 'Bang goes the theory' activity with lesson plan, suggested activities and video clips. Aimed at 11-14 year olds, though some aspects can be used with 9-11 year olds.

An interactive problem solving activity about gynmastics

An animated interactive site on balanced and unbalanced forces.

Revision information on forces. Includes an interactive activity and a quiz.

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