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Cross-curricular 'Invigorate' activity. Set of mix and match activities and a quiz to explore Newton's ideas. Investigate paper helicopters, magnetic coins, how to make a rainbow, about scientists today.

Concept Cartoon to promote discussion of shadow formation and properties. Click on the characters to see what they think. Includes information, ideas and suggestion for follow up activity. Example activity from the Millgate House education Website.

An interactive activity relating to shadows.

A simple page on how we see things for teachers or higher ability students due to mention of inverted images, concave and convex lenses. There is a mirror site error.

Place objects in the light and see their shadows. Move the light to see what happens to the shadow.

An animated interactive activity about light and dark.

Fun activities relating to shadows and silhouettes.

A worksheet for a sorting exercise.

An interactive activity trying to locate a player by using the shadows cast.

An interactive resource for students to investigate how mirrors can be used to reflect light.

Revision information on light and how we see things. Includes an interactive activity and a quiz.

Revision information on shadows and on transparent, translucent and opaque materials. Includes an interactive activity and a quiz.

Students use their knowledge of light and reflection to guide Rani to safety.

Useful revision on light sources and rays, reflection and seeing.

See which bits of our brains do what and how our senses work with the menu on the left.

This section includes: Sources of light Seeing objects

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