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A game to identify items in a house that use energy and ways in which energy may be saved.

A page of different games with an energy theme, from the US Energy Administration Information site.

This one of the best of the on-line games. A beautiful and simple set of scientific Flash challenges that engage and stimulate. Pupils can play on this for hours and then create their own puzzles to send to their friends.

ElectroCity is an online computer game (based in New Zealand) that lets players manage their own virtual towns and cities whilst teaching players all about energy, sustainability and environmental management.

A game that gets pupils to work out how energy can be transferred.

Game to help associate renewable forms of energy with methods of harnessing the energy to electricity e.g. solar panels for sunlight

A 'what can you recycle' flash game.

US Energy Administration Information website that provides an introduction to the concept of energy, its different forms, units of measurement, energy and the environment, games and activities.

From the US Energy Administration website, this introduces the basics of energy.

A page about the forms, conservation and sources of energy. Better for more able, even then, they would need a focus e.g. turn this info into a poster/spider diagram.

Useful background information for teachers and pupils with higher reading ages for Eco School activities and cross curricular links with Humanities and PSHCE, though statistics refer to US.

A brief description of energy efficiency and energy conservation, suitable for pupils, from the US Energy Administration Information site

Short video from PBS that introduces different sources of energy and their effects on the environment. It also explains how electricity is produced from coal. It is set in America, but the information is general.

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