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Links to 5 powerpoint presentations providing an introduction to bacteria and other microorganisms, their uses and their role in causing infectious diseases; a history of fighting disease; chemicals that kill bacteria; penicillin and medicines for the future.

A good site for teaching about electricity and electricity safety. Areas for both 5-11 and 11-14 students.

A selection of video clips

Information about safety and dangers associated with electricity. Interactive games to check understanding.

Play Home Safe Home and stay safe at home by answering questions and finding dangers such as sharp things, poisons, fire and heat and trips, slips and falls. Play on your own or with a friend!

How much do you know about road safety and keeping safe? Try the next version of the Street Smart Quiz! This game combines information from the Be Safe, Be Seen and Safer Travel programmes. (Ages 7-11)

An interactive multiple choice quiz about electricty, circuits and staying safe.

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