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Tutorial style page on reflection goes into quite a bit of detail with an animation and a self test.

Vary the incident ray and this applet will show the reflected and the refracted rays and calculates their corresponding angles. Behaves oddly in some browsers, so maybe not suitable for pupils on their home machines

PowerPoint presentation on light and colour.

Interactive Blockbusters quiz on light and sound.

Detailed description of a lesson plan to make 360 degree periscopes

Detailed practical instructions and other notes that explain how to demonstrate the reflection of light

A pack of lesson plans and linked video clips from the lectures, which can be used to teach a variety of science concepts.

Nice animation to show how the cornea and iris work.

Tool to show how coloured lights mix.

Activity to show how light can be relfected with a self test.

A simple drag and drop word exercise.

An interactive prism with filters.

An interactive experiment on reflection.

An interactive experiment on refraction. Needs interpretative guidance (effects of different materials on refraction of light).

This one of the best of the on-line games. A beautiful and simple set of scientific Flash challenges that engage and stimulate. Pupils can play on this for hours and then create their own puzzles to send to their friends.

Students use their knowledge of light and reflection to guide Rani to safety.

An excellent interactive animation that enables you to look at refraction using a ray or wave view, and change the materials either side of a boundary.

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