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Access to over 2,000 downloadable research-informed online lectures, lecture slides, images, animations, films, all licensed for educational use focused around plants.

In this practical, students use algae to look at the rate of photosynthesis

Video which demonstrates the process for cauliflower cloning - showing tissue cultures and micro-propagation.

A bried description of sexual and asexual reproduction.

A short video clip in which a plant scientist is interviewed about the various factors that affect plant growth and germination.

A short video clip describes the process of photosynthesis and shows a practical in which pondweed is seen photosynthesising at different light intensities. Key points are listed below the clip.

A description of diffusion using text, animation and rap. The defintion of diffusion is clearly stated. Examples of where diffusion occur in the human body are also given.

A description of osmosis using text, animation and a rap. The defition is clearly given.

HIgher level text and an animation of active transport (in the context of homeostasis). Linked pages include diffusion, osmosis and enzymes.

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